Opposite of a bear market, refers to a market with prices of shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies or tokens that are constantly or steadily rising leading to a long-term upward trend.

Famous bull markets in crypto are Bitcoin’s (BTC)  run up from $400 USD to $1000 USD and the more recent 2017 bull run up to $20,000 USD.


Bull Market Chart Courtesy of Coinmarket Cap

The term bullish can also refer to the whole of a market or a singular stock, token or cryptocurrency as in the case of the phrase “Bitcoin is bullish today since it hit a new high”


A bull market makes everyone feel good and makes every trade feel like it is done by a pro, but always be cautious and exercise temperance as bull markets do not last forever.

Bull and Bear markets are part of  the natural boom-bust cycle inherent in any market.


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